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Why Testimonials Are
Your Best Asset

92% of customers read online reviews before buying.

When was the last time you added testimonials to your website? Search engines like Google prefer websites that are updated frequently. It’s therefore very beneficial to ask a client for a testimonial and post it on your website. This should be a natural follow-up procedure, not an awkward one, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Any great testimonials will boost your business’ credibility to your current and potential clients. Often, this is called social proof. The concept of “social proof” was first announced by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence in 1984. Also known as informational social influence, this refers to the act of copying the behaviour of others in order to improve oneself.

So that’s why some companies use testimonials to brag modestly about themselves, like, “I can’t believe they mentioned how exceptional we are. We consider it just another day at the office!”

In addition to these benefits, you may be overlooking 6 more benefits of testimonials, which are outlined below.

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What is a Testimonial?

Usually, testimonials are statements that attest to the superior performance, quality, or results of a product or service. In a classic testimonial, the customer presents a challenge or objective that they had, and then describes how the service or product solved it.

In many ways, a testimonial is similar to a review. There is one major difference between a testimonial and a review: a testimonial describes the process that an agency or company went through to implement a solution and improve the client’s overall picture. A review might simply say that the company or person was excellent to work with. When a testimonial is well-crafted, it tells a story of how a business overcame challenges and reached results.

Here are some significant differences between reviews and testimonials you should be aware of shown below.


Where You Should Use Testimonials

Why Are Testimonials An Important Asset To Your Company?

Testimonials are a fundamental part of marketing. We’ve outlined the reasons why testimonials are important to your business below.

1. Social media marketing 

Have you ever given someone a testimonial for their business? If you have, I bet you made them feel highly appreciated. Providing a testimonial strengthens your relationship with the business and the person who asked you. Imagine the results if you made each client feel appreciated.

When someone thanks you, it’s a good idea to then ask them for a testimonial. It’s not about securing enough testimonials, but about making those who appreciate you feel appreciated. Make grateful customers excited, loyal clients. Clients who are loyal refer to others. Clients who are loyal also allow you wiggle room if and when you fail to meet their expectations.

By asking someone who has thanked you, you shouldn’t need to worry about what they will say. However, if you are worried, ask for neutral feedback, or put it down to a marketing project. When you like what they say, ask them if they would be willing to be published on your site.

2. Quotes directly from customers  

When posting a customer’s testimonial, you should, of course, ask for permission. However, what if they don’t use your brand’s tone of voice? In a testimonial, your clients won’t use your carefully crafted corporate language. Instead, they’ll often speak their own everyday language. So in their own way, they will explain your business process in simpler words than you might use for your business.

A natural way of speaking resonates with people. Because of this, it can work well to use portions of your customers’ testimonials as quotes and direct the text so that it compliments your business and acknowledges your customers.

3. Learning opportunities

There are times when feedback isn’t 100% positive. There might be some things in your testimonials that you don’t want to highlight. However, collecting feedback is an excellent learning experience.

This market research can lead to great planning, improvements or refocusing of your services. Maybe you keep hearing the same things, so it’s time to change your business model or come out with a new offering.

4. Staff appreciation

If you are the business owner, ask your clients for testimonials about your employees. Displaying employee compliments on your website is a win-win situation. You can use employee testimonials to recruit staff as well as improving morale and building team spirit. Host a daily or weekly “rave session,” this will inspire ideas, initiative, and encourage your team to perform to the best of their ability.

5. Shareability

The worst posts on social media are sales pitches. It’s better to showcase testimonials on your Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile, where promotion is allowed.

Those who share their testimonials with raving fans have more impact. Social media platforms seem designed for this purpose. The fact that someone posted a testimonial about you on their social media is fantastic. In addition, their friends, families, and colleagues will hear them raving about you.

A whopping 88% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials as much as personal recommendations. What an excellent example of word-of-mouth marketing for your business!

6. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Testimonials and (FAQ’s) frequently asked questions are both great sources of blog post ideas. Quoting a testimonial then expanding on the success story could be a great approach. Blogs are designed to share knowledge as well as improve search engine optimisation.

You can also boost your SEO by posting testimonials and reviews on third-party websites. Thus, the more testimonials you publish, the better your search engine results will be.


There you have it! 6 key reasons to use testimonials in your business. By implementing what we have shared today, you can gain a competitive advantage and grow your own client/customer base.

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