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User Generated

6 Reasons Why UGC Is Essential

About 92% of customers trust the reviews and recommendations shared by people, rather than advertisements

User generated content (UGC) has been around since content sharing itself, with 86% of companies incorporating UGC in their marketing strategy as it is an effective content that shows authenticity of your brand and business. 

Reposting and using UGC is the best way to build trust with your audience as it shows your products in action with real, genuine people. This is invaluable as it shows your audience that you won’t waste their time or money. Using UGC from micro or high profile influencers is also a proven way to increase your brand’s revenue as tapping into new audiences will encourage users to check out your business for themselves! 

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What is user generated content?

UGC is simply any form of content created about your business by another user. The content is firmly in their hands and your audience has full creative control. You will not know beforehand what type or how much UGC you will receive, so you need to keep an eye on your social media notifications and tagged images!

In this day and age people love sharing their every move on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter so even if you are a small business you can expect to see at least one or two tags to begin with!

It’s always a good idea to encourage UGC. One way of doing this is by creating a brand specific hashtag such as #nike. By promoting this # in your feed and stories, people will begin to use it. From there, you will be able to easily access a bank of content made just for you by your audience.

What are the 6 benefits of user generated content?

Access unique content
Increases credibility
Curates your content
Increases reach
Helps SEO efforts
Boosts conversions

1. Access unique content

Although your marketing team is excellent at what they do, your audience will undoubtedly have a different approach to creating content that shows off your brand. Their content will often be more authentic and off-the-cuff. This casual way of content creation will be useful for your business as you can repost this to give your feed a refreshing energy.


2. Increases credibility

Credibility is extremely important when trying to build an online presence and a brand in general. UGC allows you to use honest content that comes from a trustworthy source – remember that 92% of customers trust the reviews and recommendations shared by people, rather than advertisements”. 

Having a strong strategy with customer reviews and UGC will help potential customers see that you are worth their investment. 

3. Content curation

Marketeers use content curation to share relevant content with an audience that will add value. It’s not just a case of sharing everything you see, curation helps you cherry pick the best content from third party sources that will add value to your business. Really consider what type of content you’re sharing so that you hit your social media goals. 

4. Increases reach

UGC campaigns work in harmony with your social media strategy. When combined the two will have a profound impact on your organic reach!

UGC campaigns include:

Creating a specific hashtag
Photo contest
Video content

All of these will encourage your audience to share your business, therefore boosting your reach. From this you can use content curation to choose the best content to repost on your feed. Win win!

5. Helps SEO efforts

Let’s hop on over to the subject of SEO for a minute. UGC will increase your rankings as well as getting you seen on social media!

By creating your own unique and valuable content blogs and websites will use your content to display within their own articles. If they link this back to you, in a process we call back linking then this tells Google your site can be trusted, boosting your rankings. 

6. Boosts conversions

The more eyes on your business, the wider your audience and the more potential customers you have to convert. Encouraging conversions can be tricky but there are techniques you can use to increase them. Check out our article on how website design impacts conversion rate

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