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TikTok Live:

4 Ways To Go Live
And What To Say

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021, with 656 million downloads

This social media platform is growing… fast! In 2021, TikTok overtook Instagram by over 100 million in terms of yearly downloads. Tapping into this huge audience should be a priority for your business no matter what industry you are in! 

To the outsider TikTok may just look like a place to upload silly dances, but it’s a whole lot more than that. The platform has evolved to propel small businesses into the limelight, even having its own influencer culture that brands can tap into for huge brand awareness gains. The app is interactive and valuable for audience connection with the introduction of TikTok lives bridging the gap between brand and customer.

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What does TikTok live mean?

The idea of TikTok live is exactly the same as Instagram live. It’s a tool you can use within the app to livestream from your account, creating content that reaches your audience in real time. 

TikTok lives can be used for a range of things including hauls, gaming, tutorials, behind the scenes access or simply a chat. With a live view comment section you can hold Q&A sessions and respond to your audience in an instant through video form. 

6 ways to go live on TikTok:

Host an interview
Hold a Q&A
Give behind the scenes access
Show how you create your products
Create a how-to livestream
Create a challenge

We’ll delve into these later, but first find out how to unlock this feature for your business! 

1. Grow your following to 1000

TikTok has certain criteria you need to meet before being able to live stream from your account. You need to grow your following to at least 1000 to unlock this feature. This will take patience but by posting short, interesting videos consistently you will see a gradual growth in your following. TikTok videos can also go viral so if this happens to you your account could reach 1000 followers overnight! 

Read our article to find out how to grow your TikTok following by using trends

2. Open your app, log into your account and press the ‘+” symbol

3. Navigate to the bottom menu and press ‘LIVE’

4. Press ‘Go LIVE’

4. ’Get ready and follow guidelines!

Like any other platform TikTok has guidelines you need to follow when going live. Make sure you read and understand these so that your account does not get flagged and you (as well as your audience) have a positive experience. 

Make sure you have a topic in mind before going live, or an idea of what you want to discuss. Keep it fun, interactive and interesting to maintain people’s attention. 

Read 6 topics you can go live with below.

1. Host an interview

Hosting an interview through TikTok live will open up the dialog for important conversation on your account. If one of the content pillars in your social media strategy is thought leadership, interviews should be first on your list. You can be the first in your industry to discuss current events that are affecting your business. For example, if you’re a social media marketing agency then hold an interview talking about recent algorithm changes and how to evolve with them. 

TikTok makes it easy for you to create live content like this with the dual instagram live feature. Your interviewee can send a request to be in your live video which you then accept, splitting the screen into 2 so your audience can view both sides of the conversation.

2. Hold a Q&A

Holding a question and answer session on your TikTok live streams will instantly connect you with your audience and potential customers. This is great if you are gearing up to launch, or have launched a product. You can show off what the product does and answer any queries about it. 

For example, if you have just launched a pink gin, go live creating a cocktail and use the comment section to answer people’s questions through your video. If someone asks “what do I pair with this gin?” show them! Pick out a mixer from your cupboard and physically make the drink in front of their eyes.

3. Show how you create your products

This is great for small niche businesses that have an interesting production story. You can use this video as a way to educate your audience and show them what they are paying for – your experience and time!

For example, if you sell fun looking rugs go live showing the process of you using the gun to create different patterns. This became a trend on TikTok in the past as the process was interesting to watch and learn about!

4. Create a challenge

Challenges are a fun way to engage with your audience whilst subsequently growing your organic reach. For example, if you are a dance company, live stream you teaching some simple yet enthusiastic dance choreography, create a custom hashtag for the challenge such as #dancewithbeth and get people to post their results!

For example, if you sell fun looking rugs go live showing the process of you using the gun to create different patterns. This became a trend on TikTok in the past as the process was interesting to watch and learn about!

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