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TikTok Challenges:

Why Your Business Should Get
Involved With TikTok Challenges

When asked in the 2022 GlobalWebIndex survey how they mainly use TikTok, the majority of respondents answered: “to find funny/entertaining content.

Brands can leverage all sorts of tactics to get more brand awareness!

For example, a successful hashtag challenge will help you reach a wider audience. At the same time you will be forming a positive brand image and representing your brand as being fun and modern! Brands can leverage TikTok challenges by either participating in an existing one or creating a new one (read on to learn more about each in detail)

It is important to make sure the challenges you take part in are relevant, starting your own challenge is always an option too! Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Keep reading to learn how and why TikTok challenges are your brand’s next best friend!

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What is a TikTok challenge?

A TikTok challenge can be started by any TikTok user, individual or brand. A typical challenge will consist of asking people to perform a certain task and share their video using a challenge-specific hashtag. As more and more people participate in the challenge and share videos using the challenge hashtag, the hashtag starts trending on TikTok.


So, what should your brand be doing?

  • Participating in existing challenges:

A good starting point when you enter the world of TikTok is leveraging ongoing TikTok challenges. This is the easiest and most common way to start. All you need to do is to find a trending TikTok challenge and then participate in it. By doing this you can ride on the popularity of a challenge that is already trending on TikTok and you don’t need to put quite as much effort as you do when making your own (more on that later). Since people are often already following the trending hashtags which were associated with these challenges you can reach this audience and get more views and followers on your brands page.

How to find trending TikTok challenges:

In order to create your own version of a trending challenge you need to do some research and look at what the trending hashtags are. You can find these using the discover tab on your TikTok account. Here you will see the most popular hashtags, as well as the top trending content that is using said hashtags and the amount of views this hashtag has already gathered. 

Not all challenges have the word ‘challenge’ in the hashtag so you’ll need to go through the trending hashtags to see if these trending posts require you to do something specific and create your own version of it. If this is required, then that can be treated as a TikTok challenge. You can participate by creating your own version of this challenge in order to get more views on your video.


  • Create your own TikTok challenge:

Another way in which you can use TikTok challenges for your business is to create one and promote it to get it trending. Creating your own challenge does however, require lots of research, creativity, and time. You need to come up with an idea and then see it through to execution starting from scratch. 

While we want to warn you that creating a challenge can be a challenge in itself, it is so worth it. TikTok challenges have a way of going viral. If not, it should at least trend enough to get you some good user-generated content and followers.

We’ve summed up the 3 main steps to help get you started:

1. Take Inspiration From Other Brands

Before starting your TikTok challenge it’s important to do your homework and research what’s already out there and what was successful or not successful. Learn from other brands’ successes and failures to fuel your own strategy. Think about what their challenge was and how they promoted it, did they get any benefits from it? Did their followers go up dramatically? 

You can also take inspiration from past challenges and trending TikTok hashtags for your challenge idea. Once you know what type of content people usually like, you can design your challenge on a similar theme.

2. Create a clear set of rules for your TikTok challenge.

The next step is to execute your idea and create the challenge! This requires you to describe what the challenge is and how people can participate in it. The more clear your guidelines are, the easier it will be for people to participate.

You also need to show them how to participate, by first participating yourself. The first TikTok video on the challenge should come from you. So, define the challenge clearly, create a hashtag, and create one or more videos demonstrating the challenge.

3. Promote it!

The final thing you need to do to create a successful TikTok challenge is to promote it. An easy way to do that is to use a TikTok influencer to increase the reach and popularity of your challenge.

You can ask influencers to take your challenge by creating and sharing a video on TikTok following the rules and using your branded hashtag. This will let their followers know about the challenge and some of them will likely participate in it. Collaborating with TikTok influencers can give your challenge the push it needs when it’s starting out.

As more people participate in your challenge, their followers will see it and some of them will also participate. This starts a whole chain and that is how challenges go viral.

If enough people start participating and the total views cross a particular threshold, then your hashtag has a much higher chance of featuring in the Discover section. This helps make sure that even more people know about the challenge and participate in it.

Cross-promoting your challenge through different social media channels is especially helpful to gain traction. This is especially helpful if you have more or a different set of followers on other platforms.

You can use all these tips to leverage TikTok challenges for your business and achieve your TikTok marketing goals.

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