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About the project

Manly Spirits Co. is a range of spirits originating from the Northern beaches of Manly, Sydney. Their alcoholic beverages are manufactured in an artisan distillery where they work with local ingredients and botanicals, hand-harvested directly from Australia’s native pantry.


Manly Spirits launched their product into the UK markets in January 2019 after demand from British holiday makers to make the product accessible back home in the motherland. Solution 17 worked with Manly Spirits to create a full comprehensive strategy and set up of 3 new social channels specifically targeting the UK market.

Manly Spirit Distillery
Manly Spirit Distillery
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What we did

We worked with Manly Spirits Co, to scope out a full strategy that met both ours and their aims and goals for the next 12 months.

We wanted to grow the brand, turn their customers into advocates of the brand, drive sales and improve their customer retention.

To achieve these targets, we developed an intelligent social media strategy for Manly’s social channels, designed around building on their brand awareness and engaging with relevant communities, possible distributors and vendors.

To measure the success of our efforts, we put in place key performance indicators (KPI’s) including followers, total engagement and engagement per post to track our success.

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What they said

By giving us an easy-to-use dashboard that instantly displays the results of our multichannel promotions, we can see what kind of content works well and on what channel, which channels we should be investing in the most, and what we need to do to optimise our content.

Manly Spirits floating bottle
Manly Spirits on the beach

Further development

Working with Manly Spirits is an ongoing project, in the last 6 months we’ve surpassed our goals and continue to delight the Manly Spirits team with what we’ve achieved for the brand just through their social media accounts. They have gained 2,500+ new followers in a 3 month timespan and tripled their weekly social media account engagement.

The spirits are now stocked in 15+ bars and restaurants across the United Kingdom and they were recently voted the number 1 gin in the UK which is a massive testament to the hard work and innovation behind the accounts.

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