Cavallo Moda

Cavallo Moda are a well established fashion brand who came to Solution17 looking for a full rebrand; new website, SEO and digital marketing assistance. They offer quality garments and accessories in a contemporary but classic style. Their 2018 range will be focused on a new range of pashminas, so they needed a robust ecommerce website to cope with the online sale demands.


The first step with the rebrand was to ascertain the target market. Historically Cavallo Moda had used traditional paper based advertising, which had slightly isolated a younger customer. The new website and brand was to appeal to a much greater audience, by introducing a fresh new feel and modern design.

The website was designed with a minimalist feel, leaning towards the Italian roots associated with the company name and products. Working alongside our team of freelance photographer and stylist, we populated the site with high resolution, local photography to really showcase the products.



Being such a new project, our lovely new client is still in the process of writing our testimonial…



The Cavallo Moda project is set to be a minimum of one year. Being a new brand, we have set in place a social media and digital marketing strategy to really get the name out there. We are focusing on widening the reach of the brand to new customers, whilst retaining the existing loyal following.

We will also continue to add new imagery to the website as there is a year long plan of new, exciting photography projects in the pipeline.

You can view the full site here


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