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Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing Guide

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen influencers on Instagram and maybe even follow a few but, why are more and more businesses investing in influencer marketing?

It’s because adding affiliate marketing to your social media strategy is essential for the growth of your business! With their strong reputation, working with influencers will help you improve your brand awareness, reach your target audience, build trust with your audience and create effective partnerships.

With over 90% of consumers statistic engaging with influencers on a weekly basis on social media, influencer marketing is powerful for increasing your brand awareness and boosting sales.

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What is influencer marketing?

An influencer is an individual on social media with an online following. Followers look up to them for advice, recommendations, tips or simply because they have an attractive lifestyle.

They have power to affect the purchasing decisions of others through engagement and the relationship with their followers.

Although influencer marketing has become extremely popular in recent years, they should be viewed as a collaborator rather than a tool for your business.

Let’s look into how you can work with influencers. 

1. To promote your business

This is arguably the most popular way to use influencer marketing. Instead of an influencer directing to any vitamin brand (for example), they will direct straight to your brand. Our client, Manly Spirits ran a campaign in which influencers were given a bottle of gin in return for a post showing their favourite Christmas themed cocktail.

influencer marketing

2. For user generated content

User-generated content is original, brand-specific content created by customers and published on social media or other channels. UGC comes in many forms, including images, videos, reviews, a testimonial, or even a podcast.”

Working with influencers is a great way to create a bank of UGC content for your business and this type of content is often more engaging. Everyone Social found that ‘millennials trust UGC 50% more than original content generated by the brands.”

3. For website testimonials

“Testimonials are one of the most important pieces of copy you can put on your website, landing page, sales letter, or any other kind of marketing communication. The reason for this is they give your audience that one final push to buy your product or service.”

As well as building trust between you and your customers they:

Explain the benefits of your products or services
Explain how your products or services work
Help you create an emotional connection

You can use words from your influencers and apply them to your testimonials as a trusted source.

4. To promote an offer or competition

Regardless of whether you work with influencers, running competitions on your social media platforms is ideal for incentivising followers and engagement. “statistics of brands run giveaways on various social networks, mostly on Facebook and Instagram. And the main reasons they do these are to increase followers and brand awareness.”

They work to build your online community, which can convert into sales later down the line.

By working with an influencer on a giveaway or competition you are ensuring that your product will reach a fresh and wider audience. Gift the influencer your product and ask them to host a competition, create rules to follow both accounts, like, comment (and share) for a chance to win. Your business can then handle the choosing of the winner and shipping the prize.

The example below shows a competition in affiliation with a well known lifestyle influencer.

Now you know how influencers can be useful for your small business, read on food our guide on how to approach them.

Step 1. Research

Before you begin your research you need to think about these points to make sure the influencers to choose are relevant for your business.

Who is your audience?
Who do your team follow? knowing who your team is following can help impact your decisions. It’s good to have inside knowledge on who the most effective influencers are.
Who do your audience engage with?

With this information compile a list of your top influencers! Now it’s time to go through your list and confirm exactly who your top picks are.

Search for each account on Instagram and look at their follower count and engagement. As a business without an existing online presence aim for individuals with 5,000 to 20,000 followers in other words “micro influencers”. Micro Influencers are still incredibly valuable to your business as the idea is the same – reaching wider audiences.

Now you’ve identified their follower count it is equally important to consider their engagement rate. To work out engagement rate just divide total engagement by total followers, multiplied by 100. You ideally want an influencer with a high engagement rate to ensure that their audience will be interested.

Remember not to reach out to anyone and everyone. Focus your efforts on people that are the most related to your target audience, otherwise you’ll be reaching audiences that won’t engage with your product / brand.

Step 2. Influencer outreach

Decide what you want the relationship to be. Is it to promote your product, attend an event, host a competition or become a brand ambassador?

Then, think about the details. Don’t waste their time by sending a long message that doesn’t provide important details, keep it short and specific.

Details include:

Benefits of the partnership
Content needed
Budget for payment (if applicable)
Your company name
Link to website (for them to check out)

When crafting your initial message or email, approach it in a way that promotes how your brand can help the influencer. Be friendly in your tone of voice and start it with a compliment that celebrates their work. This will immediately grab their attention instead of asking the influencer how they can help your brand.

Outreach template for generic collab post:

Hey [insert influencer name]!

The team and I loved your post about [insert description of related post].

We’ve noticed that your audience are loving [insert detail relating to your product] and at [insert company name here] we [insert what you do/sell]. We’d love to send some your way so you can give it a try and share with your audience!

Let me know if you’d be interested – thanks! -[insert your name here]

Still struggling? Click here to find 6 Email and Instagram DM Templates for Influencer Outreach.

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