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Social Media Strategy:

How To Boost Followers With
Your Social Media Strategy

Nearly 3.6 billion people used social media in 2020, and that number is expected to reach nearly 4.41 billion by 2025.

Success on social media isn’t all about followers – but it certainly helps! Essentially the more organic followers you have, the more people will see your business and the more customers you will attract. This opens doors for your business and it can propel your brand into a household name.

Each day brands, organisations, and institutions use social media platforms for a variety of different reasons including raising awareness and driving leads. However, causal posting won’t get you the results you are looking for. The best way to gain more followers is by creating an effective strategy.

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What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy is a plan for optimising participation and interactions on social media to help a company achieve its goals. Among these objectives might be generating leads, improving brand awareness or increasing sales.

An effective social media strategy will take into account what you hope and plan to accomplish. It will guide your actions so the more comprehensive your plan, the more effective it will be.

Are you interested in growing your social media audience? Here are some important areas to add to your social media strategy!

1. Create a strong brand identity

Whatever size your company is, creating a cohesive branding is essential. Companies that have an identity are more appealing to consumers so make an effort to reflect your brand’s personality in every post.

To achieve this, think about your colour schemes, graphic designs and tone of voice. Having a dominant colour scheme is an easy way to keep your brand looking consistent from beginning to end.

Check out our Instagram @wearesolution17. Our brand colours are used throughout our posts to create a strong brand identity.

We also keep our tone of voice consistent. Take our Instagram bio – “💻 Brighton based #digital agency, with a full range of services (17 to be exact). ☕️ Oh and we make an excellent brew!”

We get to the point whilst being fun and welcoming through our conversational tone (and use of emojis!).

brand identity

2. Follow relevant accounts

Consider following accounts like a networking activity. If someone follows your account you’re not required to follow back right away but if you do you will build bridges and contacts that will help your business. It’s all about give and take.

Ensure your Instagram feed is filled with captivating content relevant as it is likely that they will check out your feed after you follow them.

When participating in outreach engagement make sure the accounts you reach out to are relevant to your business.

3. Get active with your followers

On a date, if you talk nonstop about yourself without giving your date a chance to participate, you might not get a second chance. It’s the same with social media.

A good idea is to invite connections and conversations on your social media platforms, rather than using them for non stop advertisements. Therefore, you will be able to participate in genuine conversations with your followers and respond to their comments.

4. Create shareable content

Make your posts worth sharing! Remember, it’s quality over quantity. Always post content that excites and engages your followers.

Once you have decided on your content pillars, incorporate these types of posts onto your feed to encourage shares.

By expressing your opinions you can gain a lot of engagement. However, always be prepared when dealing with comments in a friendly manner.
News & Trends
You need to stay on top of your industry's trends and forecasts so you can be the go-to account for reliable information.
This is what people respond to and it’s great for social media shares and SEO.
Fun & Cute Content
People love animals, babies, kids, humour, insightful quotes, and anything else that makes them smile.

5. Use targeted hashtags

Instead of using generic hashtags that many competitors use, try specific hashtags.
Let’s take the #socialmedia. 29 million people have used this hashtag so your post will automatically get lost in a sea of your competitors.

If you want your hashtags to work for you, make sure they are more targeted. Use a tool such as Hashtagify to get analytical data and alternative suggestions on hashtags used in relevant posts.

To encourage followers to share photos, you can also create your own brand-specific hashtags, as we did with #solution17. It is an effective way to engage users.

6. Engage in interviews and speaking opportunities

By having a strong presence in the real world, you can make a significant impact on your followers in the digital world.

Every presentation should aim to reach out to potential customers, and those listeners should seek you out on social media to learn more about you.

Attending trade events is also part of the process. These are great opportunities to raise brand awareness among industry professionals and key decision makers. It is also important to build business relationships, target new leads, analyse competitors, and educate yourself and the company about new trends. But have fun whilst doing it!

7. Build partnership campaigns

Affiliate marketing is a key player in boosting follower growth. Building strong partnerships online promotes trust for your audience, as well as giving your brand a friendly face. Having good influencer recommendations will drive followers through the roof! You can even partner with content creators to run a competition that will incentivise followers and engagement on your account.

8. Tailor your strategy with analytical data

To begin, you’ll find yourself in a trial and error period with social media but hope is not lost, in fact this is very useful! As you go, make strategic decisions based on your content’s performance and insights.

You can access all kinds of data in-app on Instagram. This includes the age, location and gender of your most engaged audience through to the time of day and day of week your posts are performing their best. By using this information you can target your content towards your ideal audience.

You can also find extensive data through many analytics tools such as Sprout, Hootsuite, Buffer and Later.

9. Offer great customer service

According to the Wall Street Journal, only 12% of customers with complaints reached out via email, live chat, or social media in 2017, however, that percentage jumped to 43% in 2020. Additionally, 55% of the unhappy customers reached out through social media without receiving any response.

With just under half of customers taking to social media with their complaints, it’s essential to offer exceptional customer service through social media as well as email or phone. When replying to these types of comments make sure you’re always polite and willing to assist your customers. Other potential customers will notice your comments and how you treat your current customers.

The Bottom Line

Growing followers is a time-consuming process and there isn’t a magic potion that will get you stunning results overnight, but it’s worth it!

Gaining followers will create a genuine buzz about your brand and ultimately increase your return on investment (ROI). By following our tips above you can get people to share, discuss, shop, and engage with your business.

The race you’re running is a marathon, not a sprint. Invest the time and effort and you’ll succeed.

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