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Email Database:

Finding The Gold At The End
Of The Email Database Rainbow

On average, email drives $36 for every $1 spent, higher than any other channel. This is a massive 3,600% ROI!

With such an amazing average ROI, email marketing outsmarts the other marketing ways with direct reach and a good response rate. An email database comprises all significant data points which benefit the business and brand from all spheres. No social campaigns or ad campaigns help in promoting a brand or service in a matter of weeks as much as email marketing does. It boils down to three types of emails being sent, transactional, relational and promotional. Keep reading to see how you can use each of these email types to increase your revenue. 

Beneficial impacts of email database:

Generate more leads
Help you identify better-quality leads
Reduces cost
Makes for shorter sales cycle
Drives customer loyalty by strengthening customer relationship
Improves conversation rates

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What is an email database?

An email database is a collection of the names and email addresses of your business’ actual and potential customers. This list can be compiled by collecting the email addresses of people who buy products from your business, in addition to people who just show an interest in purchasing. Subsequently, email databases become a powerful and smart marketing technique. Above all, they will help to reach your targeted market without consuming too much time or money. As a result, you can achieve a higher ROI in your business. 


Utilising your email database: let’s find that gold! 

There are 3 different types of emails you can send to your email database that are going to help you strengthen customer relationships and increase your revenue. 

1. Transactional

That receipt you received for purchasing

Transactional emails facilitate a commercial transaction thus, providing individuals with the information necessary for their transaction process. This helps your customers feel like they’re a priority and helps them enjoy the purchasing process. In turn, encouraging them to come back and purchase again. It gives them an individual, personalised experience. 68% of customers will spend more money with a brand that understands them and treats them like an individual.

Since transactional emails are sent after being triggered by a commercial transaction or event, it is a good idea to set up your transactional emails as automated emails to save yourself precious time. Read more about automated emails here

2. Relational

These don’t have to be tied to a promotion or an action your customer takes with your business

Relational emails are a flexible and useful tool for strengthening your relationship with customers. Importantly, they work even when your customer isn’t buying something from you at that moment. Relational email marketing delivers value to a customer, even when they’re not seeking it. The goal of these emails is to build trust, not make a sales pitch. However, if you can earn this trust, sales will follow later.

Examples of relational emails include:

Company updates
Event invitations
Customer surveys/product reviews
Referral requests

By using relational emails you are actively investing in the customer relationship. Without using these in conjunction with your other emails, you might actually end up pushing your database to unsubscribe. Subsequently, you will be losing potential customers. You are positioning your brand as an expert and reliable source in your industry. This builds the opportunity to gain brand loyalty, making your customers more likely to spend more money = more gold for you!

3. Promotional 

An email to sell your product 

Promotional emails are the perfect tool for times when you are looking to offer a product or service to your list of newsletter subscribers and generate sales.

Examples of promotional emails include emails that:

Announce an upcoming sale
Share information on a new product/service
Give notice of an upcoming event/webinar
Offer a trial or upgrade

In order for your promotional emails to not come across as spam, different promotional emails should be sent out to different demographics. Read our advice for segmenting your email database here. Segmenting your email database will help you get the right emails to the right people. As a result, people these people are much more likely to open and click your emails.

In short, by using the three types of emails as well as segmentation and automation, you will be able to reach your audience, build brand loyalty and most importantly, achieve your revenue goals before you know it!

Struggling to find the gold at the end of your business rainbow?

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