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Boosting Instagram

Increase Brand Awareness

One of the most effective ways to leverage paid social media advertising is by boosting your posts.

Organic reach has been getting harder and harder to achieve on social media in the last few years. The Drum reported that Instagram has been killing organic reach as far back as 2019. Changing algorithms have made it difficult for marketers to keep their content on the feeds of their audiences.

You might be thinking…how can I beat the algorithm and make my social media posts more effective? Investing in paid advertisements and boosting instagram posts has been a solution for many businesses to increase their brand’s online presence again.

Boosting posts on Instagram will get your content seen quickly by fresh, new audiences. Organic methods alone can take a lot longer before you start to see results.

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What is “boosting” an Instagram post? 

Boosting a post on social media means that you are paying Instagram to increase the reach of an existing post on your feed to a targeted audience. It will appear on your audience’s feed as a sponsored post.

Although these two often get confused, boosting posts is significantly different to paid media ads. The short answer is that boosting a post is a simple way to fund an existing post on your Instagram page, while an ad is a more elaborate and thought-out campaign created in Facebook Ads Manager.

How to boost a post on Instagram

Boosting a post on Instagram is a straightforward process.

All you need to do is:

Decide the post you want to promote
Press “boost post”
Enter your goals, links, target audience and demographics
Set your budget
Enter payment details, press confirm and you’re done!
Decide the post you want to promote
Press “boost post”
Enter your goals, links, target audience and demographics
Set your budget
Enter payment details, press confirm and you’re done!

You can choose whether your Instagram advertising goal is to get more profile views, website visits, or messages when you create the promotion. If you want to get more followers by boosting a competition post then you want to select ‘profile views’ as your goal.

Take into account these tips and tricks when boosting a post:

Use an attractive image and little or no text, people are more likely to interact with your post.
Look for posts that are already performing well and boost them. Create multiple audiences and check which audiences respond best to your paid-for posts, if you have a variety of posts you want to test out. This way you'll be able to figure out who is most likely to convert.
Be flexible in your approach. Try changing your post or pause the spend and move on to something else if it doesn't receive any engagement. If a post isn't creating clicks, likes or sales, putting more money into it won't make it successful. Through trial and error you will soon discover what your audience responds to.
Boost Instagram posts that include product tags to increase product sales.

Measure your results

Measuring your results is crucial in informing future decisions about your paid media activations. By analysing your insights you will understand if your promotion has been successful and if it achieved your goals.

To measure your results click the ‘view insights’ button under your post. From here you will see a dashboard with information on the number of reach, impressions, ad taps, engagements that were received from your ad spend. Here you’ll also find detailed information on demographics. You can see what age, gender and location viewed your promotion the most.

If you aimed to increase website visits then head to your Google Analytics account to understand if your promotion was effective. Check how much website traffic was driven during the promotion and the user’s behaviour on your site.

By measuring your results you are learning what makes your audience tick or if your content isn’t having the desired effect. You will improve your understanding of your audience. such as if a specific gender responds to your content more than the other.

For example, if a specific gender responded to your promotion more than the other, despite your product not being gender-specific, it can be a helpful indicator in terms of how to handle your wider marketing campaigns. Observations like this are useful when you are putting together your sales messaging in other areas of your business.

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