Have you been asking ‘how can I boost my social media generate engagement across my social media platforms around the holidays?’

As we know, events and national holidays are big days for businesses as well as consumers.

With holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween bringing in bigger bucks than ever, it seems people are willing to spend more around these times of year. 

But it’s also interesting to know the smaller days of the year that might not normally get picked up. Days such as World Kindness Day might not be celebrated on a large scale but can still be used to drive traffic towards your business. 

In this blog post we will cover:

  • – How using big holidays can propel your brand
  • – What smaller holidays can do for your business
  • – How to create campaigns centered around these events
  • – How to grow social media followers for businesses

Using big holidays to propel your brand on Social Media

Let’s start with the obvious holidays first. The biggest being Christmas of course. Using these holidays to your advantage is a great way of engaging your followers. 

Even if your brand has nothing to do with anything Christmas related, it’s a holiday that most of the country celebrates. Therefore can be used to gain engagement. 

For example, if you’re a food business, you can do a Christmas special dish or a Christmas giveaway to win a meal for two. 

These little ideas can get big results when done right. 

Again with holidays like Valentine’s Day, your brand doesn’t have to be specifically related to the holiday to take advantage of it. 

Even if you are a gym wear brand, making the most of a holiday like Valentine’s day can still work in your favour. With a campaign or giveaway to win workout gear for your partner! 

Picking the best holidays to celebrate on social media

Whatever your brand, there are ways to pull in extra income from these holidays. 

The main thing to remember is the countries your business is based in, timings of these campaigns going up and it’s always good to pick the best holidays for your business too. 

Making sure any campaigns have a good run up to them will also ensure a gain in followers before the event. You’ll also be able to generate engagement on the campaign. This means those new followers will be able to participate in the event and campaign, meaning you get the most out of it. 

It’s also a good idea to get a diverse range of events over the year. For example, not just focusing on religious holidays like Easter or Christmas that not everyone celebrates. 

Events like Dawali and Halloween are also good to include as they are celebrated in other countries. These may seem like events that would match your brand but there are ways to create campaigns around them. Especially with food related businesses and creating special dishes over those events.

What smaller holidays can do for your business

Looking up smaller holidays can be really helpful for smaller businesses and creating a little buzz with smaller scale campaigns. 

This will help generate engagement on you brands social media.

There are many international days like World Environment Day, World Kindness Day and National Curry Week that can be taken advantage of. 

Of course these small events aren’t as well known. Therefore it’s best to only pick ones that are relevant to your brand otherwise you are talking about something less known that has no direct link to your brand. 

Smaller holidays top tip for social media!

These little events are great fillers for times between larger holidays too. They can be a good reason to run a campaign or giveaway and you can use the event to promote this. 

Narrowing down these smaller holidays to a list that works well and is relevant to your brand is a great idea. 

This way you can plan ahead for these smaller events. You can even pull influencers in to support any campaigns or giveaways you do. 

It’s a good idea to only use these small events if they are directly relevant to your brand. Unlike bigger holidays that are widely celebrated, these smaller ones are great for a more focused approach. 

How to create campaigns centered around holidays

Efficient and effective social media management is essential for making seasonal campaigns run smoothly. Making a plan of these events for the year is a good way to map them out. This way you can see how often they occur. 

Once you’ve done that, you can see which ones would work well as standard campaigns. Then see which would be better as giveaways. You can also see which one may need support from influencers and space these out accordingly. 

Think about which events you can work campaigns around to start making plans for those first. 

Having your yearly campaigns set out each month visually can really help with planning ahead.

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