Did you know that 93% of communicating with someone is through body language? 

That’s right. 

Brand Tone Of Voice

Your tone of voice is used across all your platforms, whether that is engaging on social media, on your website or answering the office phone. The way you cross your arms, the way you smile and definitely the way you roll your eyes – all sends a message to another person. That person can gauge an overall impression of you through your body language alone.

Now think of your brand.

Your users, followers, readers and viewers that can’t physically see you. They can only read the words you write, see the images you comment on and open the emails you send. So, your tone of voice is important. Before you do anything, you need to think about what you want your tone of voice to say.

What is your business about? What message are you trying to get across? What type of people will want your services? 

TOV At Solution17, Brighton

Here at Solution 17, we would describe our voice as educational, entertaining and current. We want to teach people, amuse people and stay relevant.

In this blog post, will be covering these points:

  • – What sets you apart from other brands.
  • – How to use your tone and voice to build trust
  • – How to use tone and voice to present your brand as a thought leader
  • – Remind customers who you are and establish your brand further.

What sets you apart from other brands?

Your tone of voice can convey many things. It can show enthusiasm, humour and warmth. It is a way for the customer to meet your brand before they meet you. 

But, it also sets you apart from other businesses. 

An intriguing tone of voice will draw customers to your business and a consistent voice will keep them coming back.  

You want someone to read your post and know that it’s from your company.

Using Your Tone of Voice to Build Trust

Having a recognisable tone of voice can help you build trust between yourself and a consumer. 

Different tones of voice equals different personalities. 

A personality is something a customer can get to know, become familiar with and ultimately, trust. 

Having your customer trust you is important when it comes to building relationships with new leads. They want you to be transparent and honest and to know what you can offer them, and how you can add value to their business.

Social Media

Before they schedule a meeting with you or talk to you over the phone, they will seek out your social media, your website or email address.

Did you know that 63% of customers actually expect companies to offer customer service via their social media channels, and 90% of social media users have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business?

That’s a large percentage.

The tone of voice they are met with will help them decide whether or not they want to contact you further. You are the customer’s first introduction to your business, you can’t make a first impression twice.

This is why tone of voice is important in customer service, you need to stay consistent across all your communication platforms. 

Use Your Tone of Voice to Present Your Brand as a Thought Leader

A thought leader is informed and present themselves as experts in their field. Having a consistently friendly yet knowledgeable voice allows your customers to be influenced by you. 

If you’re a professional business you want to come across as a specialist in your field without losing your human and friendly tone that attracts customers to you.

Building Trust

Let’s say you’re a beauty therapy business, your customers want to know that you’re an expert in your field before they put their trust in your hands.

Would you choose and trust a business with your appearance and well-being if they didn’t sound like they knew what they were doing?

We certainly wouldn’t…

The customer will know that if they contact you they will be met with both information and a smile. This can be created through many different forms of communication. 

Social media is a fun way to establish a tone of voice.

For example, how your business account replies to a trending tweet can showcase the more humorous side of your brand, If you can laugh at a hashtag along with a multitude of other people, it shows your brand as amusing and current. Having a sense of humour is one of the top reasons for someone to follow a company Twitter or Instagram page.

Remind Customers Who You Are and Establish Your Brand Further

The tone of voice you sculpt is yours and it should help further your brand narrative. 

Every business has an idea and objective. Your tone of voice should expand on this. This should help your customers to understand this and ‘get it’. 

The aim of our blog, social media and website is to inform and educate our audience. 

Your voice doesn’t have to be clever or complicated.

If you look through our past blog posts, you will see that we communicate through short, sharp sentences. We do this because it comes across as less intimidating and it is direct.
You as the reader get all the information they want and quickly in digestible chunks. 

If we use jargon, it is only to explain the said jargon culprit.

Tone of Voice take-away 

There is a thin line between educating and overwhelm. You don’t want to make your customer feel buried by information. You want them to come to you if they don’t understand something or to expand their knowledge on it.

Next time you post, tweet or share something, think about your tone of voice in communication. What do you want to convey about your company?