So, the world has been flipped, turned upside down and for a while we didn’t know which way we were facing!

In the digital marketing world, a lot has had to change. 

After a few months of pure chaos, things seemed to have settled. But a lot has changed and we’ve all had to adapt to new concepts we’d never thought we’d see in our lifetime. What has this meant for the world of digital marketing? 

In this blog post we will cover:

  • – The need for virtual platforms 
  • – Using online influencers 
  • – How to work from home
  • – Using video calls to connect 

The need for virtual platforms

In a world where social events are cancelled until next year (at least), the need for virtual collaboration platforms has skyrocketed. 

Events such as festivals, fashion shows and sporting events have had to rethink their entire identity and what they can do to thrive in this new way of life.

They have also had to rethink how their digital marketing works for their events.

My Anywhere

Here at Solution 17, we’ve created a new company ‘My Anywhere’. This is a virtual media platform that allows any client to collaborate with us on a completely bespoke portal. 

We used it to create Sipping Rooms, an online spirit tasting platform for independent distilleries to use.

The site was completely customised to create an online environment where influencers and the public were connected with the creators of their favourite drinks brands for intimate online tasting events. 

This pulled in many new followers for everyone involved and created a buzz around the brands with every event we hosted.   

So, what else can ‘My Anywhere’ be used for?

Imagine if Glastonbury can’t go ahead again next year due to Covid 19. With My Anywhere we can create an online space with different virtual ‘tents’ live streaming the bands and artists!

Each member who signs up gets a unique login pass to the online event. Once they’re in, they’ll have the entire line-up at their fingertips. By entering multiple tents with live artists, hangout rooms to chat with the bands, virtual food stalls where real restaurants offer discounted food to order to your own home while you enjoy the online festival. 

And this is only one example of how this platform can be used. Sporting events and conventions would thrive using ‘My Anywhere’. 

After Covid-19

The platform doesn’t just have to be for events that Covid 19 has cancelled. Even if the events go ahead in real life, those who aren’t able to make it to the event due to travel restrictions, disabilities or financial reasons can still enjoy the event from the comfort of their own home. 

‘My Anywhere’ can also cater for events that would never have been able to happen in real life. Mass global events or international events like conventions and lectures would benefit from this. 

Using the platform for these types of conferences makes them even bigger and sends them out to a wider audience than could ever be achieved in real life. 

Thinking outside the box like this shows just how ‘My Anywhere’ can change the face of huge events and the marketing within them.

There will be more information coming soon but if you’re interested in getting in on the action, head to our website.

Using online influencers

Influencers have been changing the face of digital marketing for years now but during Covid 19 they became even more needed than before. 

Without the possibility of social events or real life marketing, influencers have been indispensable when it comes to reaching out to new audiences online.

While events were cancelled across the country, online events became the new normal. Instead of sharing fancy meals in a restaurant on Instagram or a product launch event at a hotel in London, influencers used their online skills to share what brands they’ve been loving through online sharing spaces such as the aforementioned gin tastings and live make-up tutorials. 

Successful Influencer Example

Bare minerals for example, hosted a group video call with over 10 influencers, launching their new make-up products, which was then shared across all their social media, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, even during a pandemic! 

As I mentioned earlier, at Solution 17 we created Sipping Rooms, an online gin tasting community. 

Through this we hosted events with our amazing gin clients. Influencers could try the gin in their own homes while sharing it online to their thousands of followers. 

This is just one of the ways influencers can be used to reach a huge audience.

If your brand’s socials don’t have a large following, using influencers reaches out to their audience. This brings in new followers to your page and eyes on your product who might not have found you otherwise.

It’s advertising on a huge scale and cost effective as the influencers themselves create the content for you!  

We have lots more information about how to use influencers to get more reach for your brand and their digital marketing techniques here.

How to work from home efficiently

At the beginning of lockdown, we were told to work from home if possible. For some, this meant a calm environment and a more productive work day. In other cases, it meant the loss of a team with which to bounce ideas off. 

It was a big change to the everyday routines we were so accustomed to. Yet, lots of businesses have realised, working from home can work well for many.

Statistics show that 49% of UK employees worked from home in the month of June. Since lockdown was eased and people allowed to go back to work, many businesses were happy for people to carry on working from their homes. 

Studies show an increase in working from home habits following this new trend. This seems to mainly be due to an increase in productivity and overall morale in workers. 

So, with that being said, what are some top tips we can share to make working from home easier?

Top tips for working from home

  • – Wake up at a regular time. This will give you a good start to your daily routine.
  • – Get dressed. This will make you feel as if you have somewhere to go.
  • – Plan what you need to achieve that day. This will help you stay focused on your tasks.
  • – Go for a short walk before sitting down to work. Doing this will get you moving and will feel like you are commuting to work.
  • – Start at the same time you usually would. Again this will help you create a good routine.
  • – Take your lunch break. Leaving the house for another walk or doing an activity such as reading will create space between you and your work for a much needed rest.
  • – Finish on time. Make sure work doesn’t take over your home life, it’s important to keep the two separate.

Using videos calls to connect

Before the effects of Covid 19 took hold, meetings in-person were a common part of working life. 

When you add in the commuting times to the meeting and the expenses for coffee or lunch, it’s easy to look back now and realise most of those meetings could have been compressed down to an email or a video call.

During lockdown, meetings over video call became the new normal. Again it seems to be something that is here to stay.

Now, you can schedule a 30 minute video call meeting and not have to think about the time it takes to get there and back. You can even schedule in another straight after, no time needed in between! It’s a much more efficient way of working.

My Anywhere customised video conferences 

Using ‘My Anywhere’ can help with this too, as the platform can be customised to host video conversations. 

This again plays into working from home, as video calls can connect you to anyone, anywhere! 

Whether it’s a call from home to your colleagues in the office, a call from the office to a client or a call from your home to a client at home, the possibilities it has opened up have made working and communicating so much more effective. 

It’s safe to say the face of digital marketing has changed, perhaps even for the better. Now more than ever it is apparent that we are fully reliant on going digital. 

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