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8 Reasons Why CTA's Are Important

It is estimated that the CTAs will be read by 90% of people who look at a website.

Across the globe, marketers are working toward a single objective: generating and converting leads. Recent trends in content strategies and technologies have made it much harder for marketers to reach their target audience and retain customers. Nevertheless, it’s essential for your business to succeed!

So, for marketers now, the question is how to get the attention of customers? How do you keep them interested long enough to convert them into actual leads?

CTA’s (calls to action) are the answer. You can effectively attract and convert potential customers with this marketing tool.

Keep reading to learn more about CTA’s and how to use them.

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What are CTA’s?

The term “CTA” is shorthand for “Call To Action”. This is a marketing term used to describe designs aimed at triggering an immediate response or a sale. CTA’s are most commonly used in sales scripts, advertising messages, and website copy, to motivate a specific action, such as ‘Sign Up’, ‘Buy Now’, or ‘Read More’. They are often presented as buttons or hyperlinks.

Typical CTA phrases

Call Now
Try Now
Buy Now
Order Now
Click Here For
Read More

More CTA examples here.


Where can you use CTA’s?

In general, you can include CTA’s in any marketing campaign, on your website, blog, in an email, or within your blog posts. You can use the phrase “limited time offer” to create a sense of urgency that will encourage people to act now.

You can use them on:

Social media
Email enquiries
Voucher downloads
Map directions
Newsletter sign-ups, etc.

Why are CTA’s so important?

Your conversion rate will increase by over 120% if a CTA is written within the content.

CTA’s are crucial for telling your readers or site visitors what to do next. You may need to tweak your call to action depending on the website or social media type and what you want it to achieve.

Use the CTA to motivate your audience to take serious steps towards becoming a customer or client. In some cases, it can determine whether a lead turns into a conversion. Most people would agree that the call to action is the most important aspect of your site or advertisement. So, it’s a terrible idea to skip this detail. In fact, there are 8 reasons the CTA button has become a staple for on-site content and ad copy.

1. CTA’s remove confusion from decision-making

By using a simple directive statement, you convey to your prospective client what to do and where to go, making the user journey crystal clear. Your call to action should clear up the confusion so that your website visitor can take the appropriate next step. For example, the page might be visited or a call booked, or an article might be read.

2. They increase your audience and sales

Utilise them to leverage your business requirements, whether it’s “Follow me on Twitter” or “Submit payment.” Your call to action depends on what’s most important to you at the time. Whether it’s social media posts, articles or static landing pages, every piece of content that includes a CTA becomes a powerful marketing tool.

3. CTA’s determine the reader’s needs and guide them

By having a clearly defined call to action, there isn’t any doubt as to what the content is all about, and the reader isn’t left clicking away out of confusion or apathy. Your content builds interest and excitement, and your CTA encourages the reader to dig deeper or become a paying customer. Your digital strategy may need to be updated if you’re not sure of your readers’ needs.

4. They make each piece of content more meaningful

It is common to be under pressure to create content for the sake of having something fresh and new on your website (blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, etc.). Updating your content is important, but it should also serve a purpose. If you attach a clear CTA to every new piece of content, you’re ensuring it fits into your overall marketing strategy, which helps you build a larger audience and convert more people to clients.

Your company will succeed if you have the right roadmap. In the process of creating a Strategic Marketing Plan, goals and objectives are set, business factors are analysed, and plans are implemented.

5. CTA’s increase conversion rates

Conversion rates can be increased by improving the performance of your website. Need some help updating your site? Check out our MOT services to improve your website! A large part of success is determined by CTA’s, proven effective in these areas:

A CTA on a landing page increases conversion rates by 80%.
Relevant and well-placed CTAs increase revenue by 83%.
Product sign-ups and site visits increase by 34%.

That’s for business only. When it comes to improving visitor engagement, an important aspect of any website, CTA’s provide the following experience:

Connects a consumer's desire to availability.
Content is immediately available, reducing stress and frustration for potential consumers.
Products and services are easier to locate.
Increasing usability and decreasing frustration increases consumer loyalty.

6. They motivate your sales funnel

Sales funnels and CTA’s go hand in hand. In the buyer’s journey, calls to action serve as transitions between phases. You don’t make your audience guess and wonder what to do next, you give them the answer in an eye-catching, brightly coloured button that guides them to the next stage of the buying process. Utilise CTA best practices, such as wording the button copy in a way that emphasises the benefits. Instead of “Subscribe”, use “Get More Tips.”

7. CTA’s are wanted by customers

Calls to action are important not just for businesses, but also for customers. In many cases, people rely on the CTA at the end of the page to take the next step. Leaving out the CTA can confuse readers and hurt your conversion rate. By using CTA buttons, you make it easy for your customers to do what you want them to do. That benefits them and your business.

Your brand should be predictable in some circumstances. Being predictable makes your company trustworthy and easy to interact with. With CTA’s, it pays to be both predictable and intuitive.

8. They boost the success of digital advertising

There are often only a few chances to make a great impression on your target audience. When it comes to PPC ads and other forms of digital advertising, there is no time to waste. Customers can pass over your brand for the competition if you miss even the smallest opportunity. Ensure that your marketing team understands the importance of a strong, inspiring call to action when creating ads.

ppc cta

Final thoughts

It is clear that CTA marketing is the fastest way to double your conversion rates, generate leads for your products or services, and much more.

As opposed to other marketing campaigns that require you to invest time or resources in order to achieve good results, CTA marketing is one of the highest-ROI activities for your business.

However, don’t forget to test your CTA because every business is different. Continually testing and analysing can allow you to find out what works best for your customers, resulting in a CTA strategy that converts to leads.

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