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Online Revenue:

7 Ways To Drive
More Revenue Online

In 2020, as high as 87% of UK households made online purchases

The interest of purchasing online has soared in recent years with many people choosing to shop via a website over going into traditional retail stores. With this popularity it’s frustrating when your businesses online sales fall flat – we hear you!

Whether your website users aren’t converting or you’re not seeing traffic coming to your site, we have your back. 

We’re breaking down 7 ways to drive more revenue online from being active on social media to how your website is built! Read on to learn more. 

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What does driving revenue mean? 

Driving revenue is the process of increasing your sales online through digital marketing or traditional advertising methods

1. Invest time into your SEO strategy 

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation, is a long term strategy to increase your store’s visibility online. The aim of an SEO strategy is to get your website on the first search engine results page (SERPs). This is because only 25% of users on average navigate to the second results page, leaving 75% sticking with the first! Meaning that getting on the first page is crucial! 

Google measures if your website is worthy of the first SERP through a number of different factors including responsiveness, whether your content is relevant, engaging and trustworthy. It measures whether your site gives people what they need.

2. Ensure that your website is mobile responsive

As we touched on above, having a mobile responsive website is incredibly important when it comes to SEO. User experience is key and if you make the user journey easy and enjoyable then your revenue online will start to grow! 

With the rise of the smartphone you’ll see that the majority of website visitors come from mobile. After all, it is much more convenient to shop on your phone on the go rather than sitting at your desk. So, having a website that is mobile responsive will capture these potential customers and guide them to making purchases. 

One of the main elements to think about when building a mobile responsive website is navigation. The navigation bar across the top of the screen will work for desktop, but the links will be too close together on a phone screen – opt for a burger menu instead! 

3. Build a presence on social media 

Nowadays social media is a hub for marketers to increase brand awareness and generate more revenue. This is because platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have an addictive nature, and users are always looking out for something new. Did you know that there are 1.7 billion users on Instagram alone?! 

A social media presence will also drive revenue through the connection you’ll have with your customers. You can share UGC (user generated content), go live to talk to your customers in real time, create hype for new launches, and engage with accounts that could turn into a loyal customer. The possibilities are endless and the results will see your revenue grow rapidly. 

4. Generate thought leadership content

Building a social media presence leads us nicely to thought leadership content and why it’s so important. 

Being a  leader in your industry will show customers that they can trust your business and it reassures them that you are the person they should go to. 

Create thought leadership content by keeping an eye on what’s happening in the news (relating to your industry). For example, if you are an alcohol distributor, keep informed on new spirits trends and what bartenders are saying about them. Then. pick an article and turn it into a piece of content (for social media or your blog!). On socials, create an eye catching graphic that shouts about the topic you want to talk about. Then, in the caption you can go into detail about what you’ve found and open the floor for questions. This is also great for engagement. 

5. Share positive testimonials 

Testimonials are one of the most valuable assets your brand can have and share. Nothing beats real reviews from trustworthy sources when you are browsing the internet for new products / services. 

Use them to your advantage by turning them into engaging graphics for social media, placing them on the front page on your website and including it in copy for advertisements. Purchasing online is all about trust. The experience is worlds away from going into a store and being able to see and feel the object you are deciding to buy. That’s why a positive review will reassure the mind of the potential customer that your product is the best option for them.  

6. Create paid media campaigns 

As we mentioned earlier you can use testimonials within your ads to encourage new users to your website. Let’s dive deeper into why advertisements are so essential for driving revenue. 

Paid media campaigns, let’s call them ads, allow your business to be seen by hundreds or thousands of new people who have never been exposed to your brand before. This is gold dust when it comes to driving revenue as you are able to reach and tap into audiences instantly that would otherwise take much longer using organic methods.

There are many different types of paid media campaigns you can create including;

Display ads
Search engine ads
Social Media Ads
Video ads

7. Create email campaigns

Our last tip for driving more revenue online is to create effective email campaigns. A study from found that 55% of people check their emails within an hour of waking— before ever going into work. This is great for businesses as it’s an opportunity to connect with your customers from a different platform. 

Have a clear call to action (CTA) on your website and an easy sign up process that will capture email addresses for future campaigns. A first time offer when signing up to emails is a tried and true method to incentivise email sign ups. 

Once you have a database it’s important to segment your audience to target emails efficiently and also to create automated emails that include reminders that users have left items in their basket. 

If you’re still struggling with email marketing we’ve expanded on all things database with you. 

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