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Social Media:

7 Reasons Why You Should
Show Brand Personality

86% of shoppers prefer a genuine and honest brand personality on social media.

Your socials can set you apart from the rest of your competitors if you have a unique brand and personality.

Moreover, it is great for building a brand’s public perception. Brand personalities can help a company succeed or fail. The brand’s personality is what determines how it will interact with its target audience.

As social media is a direct channel to the consumer, you’re able to connect with brands on a personal level. Your social media channels should reflect the personality of your brand. This is more important now than ever.

We need to talk about why a brand’s personality is important in today’s social media world.

If you’re interested in adding more personality to your brand, then keep reading.

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What is brand personality?

You can think of a brand personality as your business’ way of engaging and communicating with your target audience. This allows your audience to see what your brand is about and how it is received by consumers. You can determine how your brand is perceived by 5 key elements:

1. Tone: Using language that reflects how your brand speaks online and how it addresses its audience within interactions helps consumers feel heard and allows for a more personal connection.

2. Spelling: Making a decision early on whether to use US English or UK English gives your audience a predefined impression. Choose one and stick with it. Swapping back and forth might damage your brand’s credibility.

3. Design: Whenever a consumer encounters your brand, it is the first thing they will notice. Using the right design elements and fundamentals will boost consumer confidence in your brand.

4. Writing: To stand out from the sea of brands, you need a unique writing style that reflects your brand’s outlook on the world. Don’t copy other brands’ writing styles.

5. Character: Define your brand through the content you produce. Whether you want your brand to appear serious, humorous, or sharp as a whip, you need a strong brand character.

What are the benefits of brand personality?

Defining your brand’s personality has many benefits. It defines how your brand interacts with your audience and influences their behaviour. It describes your creative campaigns and controls the development of future products. In general, it determines the brand’s experience in the increasingly competitive realm of online marketing.

As long as a brand personality is maintained correctly, the benefits outweigh the negatives that are caused by constant attention to detail. With time, you will discover that the brand personality naturally evolves into an almost human-like personality.


7 reasons why you should show brand personality

Brands with a personality allow marketers to communicate on a whole new level with target audiences, investors, and employees, but why would you want a brand personality? Why is it important?

1. It creates brand trust

Transparency wins customers, according to Nielsen research. Brands who openly communicate with their customers directly through something like a social media platform show the world that they have nothing to hide.

It is becoming increasingly important for consumers to trust the brands they buy. A brand that breaks this trust will lose its customers and consumers.

2. Creates effective communication

By allowing your brand to be visible and accessible through social media, you can directly target your customers. Based on data collected by Pew Research Centre in 2005, 72% of public users now use social media.

Many adults spend hours scrolling endlessly through their feeds on their devices. By actively communicating with your target audience without relying on third parties, you can make the most of this opportunity.

3. Stay in competition

Brands are fighting to be the most relevant, most attractive, and most followed accounts on social media in their industry.

By building a brand personality that stands out from the competition, your business will gain the authority it needs to compete. If you define your brand with a strong personality, you will develop a voice that you can use to promote your business or comment on the campaigns of your competitors.

4. It creates brand consistency

Brand consistency has been studied to determine whether or not it increases revenue. Over 200 brand management experts were included in a LucidPress study to determine the analytical impact of brand consistency. It found that if brands were consistent, revenues would increase by 33%.

A consistent brand doesn’t change its tone from fun to boring from one post to the next. When your messaging is contradictory, consumers will not know where they stand with your brand.

5. Express your creativity

When it comes to your marketing campaigns, establishing your brand’s personality early on will allow greater creative expression and freedom.

As Mark Ritson explains in a video, the quality of the advertising’s creative execution is the most important factor in gaining new market effectiveness. Your marketing campaigns will be more likely to be successful if your brand personality encourages new forms of expression.

See Mark Ritson’s video below:

6. Increase your reach

Brands with closed-minded personalities will find it difficult to reach new audiences. Your brand personality should reflect your business’s core ideals and values so that you can communicate them to your target audience effectively. Your brand will inevitably reach more people if you refine its personality.

7. Find new investors

Brand personalities that resonate with people on a personal level can attract new investors. The rush of new investors is a significant opportunity for growth and expansion.

New retail investors are seeking companies that share their values and ideals in the financial market. It is not just recommended, but some might argue required, to create a brand personality that invites them into your company.


Establishing your brand’s personality can be an exciting and fun experience, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Make sure that your brand personality is authentic and honest in whatever you decide to do because that’s what people care about most.

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