4 Ways Digital Transformation Helps Business

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What is digital transformation? 

It’s the adoption of digital technology by a company to improve efficiency, value or innovation.

The benefits of a transformation are broad. They range from helping the team environment to increasing profits.

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A digital transformation strategy is essential for your business to get the most out of your investment. By creating an online presence that will stand out against your competitors you will drive website traffic, increase profits and achieve your goals. 

1. Digital Transformation improves customer experience

Having a SEO digital marketing strategy as part of your digital transformation will improve your customer experience. 

Did you know that 90% of customers go to a company’s website first, before calling or emailing?

Any digital marketing agency will also tell you that having a mobile site is crucial. If your website is not easy to navigate for your customer you will risk losing their engagement. According to Google, 48% of B2B consumers feel frustrated if a business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, and 52% are less likely to engage with companies that have no mobile presence at all.

When optimising your website for search engines you need to consider;

Inbound linking
Outbound linking
Organising your content into lists
Incorporating keywords relevant to your topic 
Website loading time
Image loading time
How aggressive your pop ups are
How mobile friendly your website is

2. Digital Transformation increases profits

Having a social media marketing strategy as part of your digital transformation will propel your business in the digital world. As you invest into digital marketing, having a strategy will give you the safety of knowing your social media campaigns are being seen by the right people. The more relevant the traffic to your website is, the more likely your traffic will convert into sales.

Creating a social media marketing strategy is simple, it’s all about concentrating on your social media and business goals.

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3. Digital Transformation increases productivity

“Having the right tech tools that work together can streamline workflow and improve productivity. By automating many manual tasks and integrating data throughout the organisation, it empowers team members to work more efficiently.” – Virtu

Harvesting the power of this transformation can have a knock on effect on productivity. The more efficient your portfolio is, the more efficient your team can be.

4. Digital Transformation improves collaboration

Digital innovation requires collaboration. There will be a focus on your team to work together which ultimately promotes a healthier work environment. For example, if your digital marketing strategy involves content creation, the team will come together to research and share ideas.

By having your team members engage in learning of new technologies a digital culture is created within the workplace, enabling the growth of your business.

There are many more benefits to working collaboratively, including;

Improved flexibility 
Engaged employees
Healthier employees
More productive meetings
More attractive to top talent

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