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Instagram Reach:

15 easy ways to increase your
Instagram reach

Google handles more than 40,000 queries per second. That translates to over 3.5 billion searches every day!

It’s good to know you’re not the only one experiencing Instagram reach issues, right?! More and more businesses are battling with the ever-changing Instagram algorithms to get good old fashioned organic reach back to their Instagram accounts.

When it comes to our social media we want to reach for the stars (pun intended) and have our accounts grow organically! But, that’s no easy job if your instagram reach is on the steady decline.

Your social media saviour is here to help so you can get back to other areas of growing your business (yippee!).

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What is organic reach?

Organic reach refers to the number of people that see your content through unpaid sources. Organic reach works well alongside paid campaigns as paid will help your content reach new audiences important for you to keep your organic reach increasing as it will connect you to your current audience.

Why is your instagram reach down?

You’re not alone if you have noticed a drop in your Instagram reach. “Instagram’s reach is consistently lower since the end of 2019. And it’s pretty significant — up to 10% lower on average between 2019 and 2020.”

Although it’s frustrating, the algorithm has seriously damaged the reach of all creators, big and small. As the balance of getting good Instagram reach is a fragile thing there are also many other reasons why you are seeing decline.

Although you can’t “beat” the algorithm you CAN and should follow this strategy.

Good Content + Frequency + Consistency + Community Building (engagement)

The more your flowers engage with your content, the more the algorithm will show it to your audience and the greater likelihood of them sharing it with others.

15 easy ways to increase your Instagram reach now

Post at optimal times
Create video content
Do Hashtag research
Make saveable graphics
Add CTAs for engagement
Repost user-generated content
Go live on Instagram
Create infographics
Quality over quantity
Create Instagram specific content
Utilise Instagram stories stickers
Create relatable content
Host competitions
Collaborate on posts
Show your personality

#1 Post at optimal times

Even though instagram has stopped showing content through a timeline (hello algorithm), it’s still important to recognise when you optimal time for posting is.

Finding this information has been made easy with Instagram’s in app insights. You can see what time and even day your audience is most engaged with your content. Navigate your way to insights – total followers – scroll down to most active times. You can see these valuable insights for the past 7 days, 28 days, all the way to 3 months. You can even pick your own custom dates to view.

#2 Create video content

Updates to the algorithm continuously favour their latest and greatest features to encourage their creators. If you want to beat Instagram at its game then you need to utilise these features to the best of your ability.

Instagram reels have been hard to ignore since the sudden popularity of platforms such as TikTok. Just one reel can generate thousands of views, even if your posts average engagement is around 30-40. Many small businesses have blown up since the introduction of this feature as reels enable you to reach a much wider audience.

Our tip is to use trending sounds to get your videos on playlists. Playing with fun and humorous sounds will also give personality to your feed!

#3 Do hashtag research

Hashtags have been somewhat overlooked in recent years and it’s such a missed opportunity. It’s easy to see an influencer gain 100,000 likes on the platform now with no added help (such as hashtags) and think we don’t need it either. We’re here to tell you that’s false!

Conducting your own hashtag research will increase your reach massively, especially if you take some time each day or week to do some “hashtag sitting”. This involves engaging with posts that use the same hashtags you do. You’ll be surprised at how this will start building your online community.

You have 30 # spaces available to you on Instagram – choose wisely! Try using a mixture of popular but niche hashtags without too much competition. Avoid vague hashtags such as #photos that have 881 million posts. Your content will get lost almost instantly.

#4 Make saveable graphics

Saveable graphics are a proven way to help increase your reach. The more content you provide that makes your audience save and share, the more people you are going to reach.

Saveable graphics can be simple and inspiring – like an uplifting quote.

“When used effectively, Instagram quote posts can be a powerful tool to increase audience engagement. From motivating your followers to boosting product awareness, and sharing testimonials, Instagram quote posts are worth shouting about”.

Use Canva to create graphics that grab attention. If you are sharing a happy or motivational quote add it on top of a light or bright coloured background. Appeal to the needs of your audience – what would they want to see?

For more engaging Instagram content turn photos into your own personalised artwork using Colorcinch. This the #1 photo editor & cartoonizer designed to be simple, beautiful, and free. 

#5 Add CTAs for engagement

Calls to action (or CTAs) are just as important on social media as they are for websites and they work magic in terms of your engagement. They act as an indicator for what your audience should do next, point them in the right direction to learn more or even purchase a product.

Classic CTAs that you will see on instagram include encouraging people to tag a friend, or like a post. That’s why competitions work so well to increase your engagement. The only difference is that competition incentivises the action with a possible prize at the end.

You can also use CTAs such as “Order within the next 24 hours and get a discount ” to create a sense of urgency that will grab your audience’s attention and will encourage them to convert on your website.

Popularity of CTA types

#6 Repost user-generated content

User-generated content (or UGC) is a wonderful tool to grow your Instagram reach and connect with your followers.

By reposting UGC you are actively engaging with your audience by showing them that their voice is heard by the brand. This is a powerful thing as it will drive your audience to then share that content, allowing your profile to reach wider audiences.

When ranking you on the feed, the Instagram althgrouim takes into account user relationships. By sharing UGC you are building a solid foundation for those relationships.

#7 Go live on Instagram

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and see a notification pop up telling you that an account you follow has gone live? Did you forget who they were but it spiked your curiosity anyway? Exactly.

Going live is a great way to boost your awareness and reach. When you go live it pushes you to the front of the stories and, as an avid scroller, people will be more likely to click and watch the content you are making.

This is perfect if you are releasing new products and want more of your audience to see them being presented and used. Try setting up an instagram live unboxing next time you have a release and see what impact it makes.

#8 Create infographics

Much like quotes, infographics can encourage the audience to save and share your content. They can help you as the brand share important information about your values, services or products in one easy swoop.

They also encourage you to utilise the carousel Instagram feature. Carousels dramatically boost your engagement as the viewer has to interact with the post to receive all of its information. By splitting up your infographic into multiple images you’ll be on your way to boosting your engagement and reach.

Even though they might sound boring, you can make your graphics super fun through your choice of colour scheme, fonts and any accompanying imagery. Although, always be mindful to keep your graphic on brand as this is incredibly important for your business

#9 Quality over quantity

Contrary to popular belief posting more won’t get you seen more, in fact it could have the opposite effect!

If you post for the sake of posting it’s safe to say the quality of your content will decline, leading to less engagements and the likelihood that instagram will stop showing your posts to your followers. Instead think quality over quantity! Put your time and effort into creating quality content that your followers would love to see. Showing that you have considered the type of content you are creating will appeal to your audience, and wider audiences.

#10 Create Instagram specific content

As a social media manager, creating content for your specific platforms is key to growing each channel. People don’t want to see the same imagery and captions spread across all social media platforms – it’s a turn off! It might tell your audience that you don’t care about the content you upload (even though you do) and it will deter them from engaging with it.

A big crossover between the format of TikTok and Instagram reels lead to people saving their TikTok videos and posting them straight to Instagram. As instagram is competing with TikTok the platform penalised content that was uploaded this way. To avoid this edit your Instagram reels inside the app without third party interference.

#11 Utilise Instagram stories stickers

Don’t overlook the power of those little instagram story stickers! People can share your stories ithrough direct messages and you want them to do so. This in turn increases your reach and builds your following.

Instagram has stickers for a variety of different uses including polls, quizzes and (most importantly questions). Giving your audience a chance to ask you and your brand questions will have an extremely positive affect on your account.

It also gives you, the business, a chance to talk about new products oor your services in detail. You can respond to questions with a video or simply a photo with some text – it’s completely up to you! We recommend grabbing this opportunity by the horns to create video content.

#12 Create relatable content

You want to publish content that your audience can relate to, this will drive them to engage with you and your brand.

A tip to becoming more relatable on social media is to not stick to a perfectly curated feed that shares unobtainable standards. We’re all human, we have bad days so why not use them as an opportunity to connect with your followers.

Being open and honest will build trust within your online community and it’s inspirational for people to see a brand not try so hard to be perfect.

Try sharing your brand story and the struggles you faced building your business – your audience will thank you for it!

#13 Host competitions

As we touched on earlier, competitions are amazing for boosting your reach and engagement. People love free stuff and if you’re giving it away then they’re going for it!

Entering a competition on their behalf has little to no impact on the rest of their day, it takes 5 seconds and they’ve just given themselves the chance to win a prize. To push your followers (and non-followers) to enter you need to think of an exciting prize. Giving away just one product may not be enough, instead you can theme your giveaways around holidays and create packages and hampers for one lucky winner.

Competitions are also a good opportunity to build partnerships with other brands or influencers. If you are a gin, partner with a tonic brand to host the ultimate giveaway.

#14 Collaborate on posts

Since 2021, content creators could collaborate with others on their posts and this works wonders for your reach!

Usual brand endorsements on instagram transformed with the introduction of the feature as businesses could leverage those influencer partnerships even further.

You can collaborate with anyone, which also comes into play with UGC. Instead of having to save their post and reupload it onto your account you can skip this step altogether! By inviting a collaborator you are ensuring that the post shows on both feeds.

To collaborate on a post just upload a post as usual then press ‘tag people’ you can then invite that user to collaborate with you on that post. Follow these steps then post as normal.

#15 Show your personality

And finally, just have fun with it! Showing your personality has wonderful benefits that will strengthen the relationship with your audience and attract a whole host of like minded people.

When thinking about how you can inject a little personality into your posts, consider asking questions and don’t be afraid of a joke here and there! A lot of people visit Instagram in their unwinding rituals so being faced with a stern and serious caption will not make them click those all important like and share buttons.

When you reply to comments, reply as a person rather than your brand. At first, this may seem strange as you want to be as professional as possible but trust us – it really helps! At the end of the day your followers want to engage with people not robots.

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